Twitter is Top for Generating B2B Marketing Leads


Yes – you read this correctly. Last week it emerged that Twitter has dramatically outperformed LinkedIn and Facebook when it come to generating B2B (Business 2 Business) leads. This revelation has come from research conducted by Inbound Marketing Software providers Optify. The company looked at online trends in B2B marketing in 2012 and found that although Facebook generated the most traffic, Twitter was the real winner when it came to generating leads In fact Twitter generated an impressive nine times more leads than other social media networks.

So have we been underestimating Twitter when it comes to B2B marketing? If you haven’t already, do you need to start integrating Twitter into your marketing strategy?

Connecting with Clients through Twitter

Let’s face it – Twitter gives you huge networking potential. It’s quick and easy to connect with followers, share information and follow their activity. All of this gives you a special insight into their wants and needs. What’s more; the number of businesses on Twitter is soaring every day so it’s fair to assume that the B2B marketing potential of this platform is only going to increase.

Twitter might seem like a lot of white noise but it’s important to remember that there are people behind all of the accounts. Don’t forget about Twitter’s ‘human element’. It’s a great way to develop and nurture relationships with potential customers and existing clients.

Strengthening Your Brand on Twitter

Twitter is also an excellent way for you to build your company’s brand. You can use it to promote your company’s missions and values. If used right, the way that your company conducts itself on Twitter can have a positive influence on your business.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that Twitter is proving to be so successful. There might still be those that claim that it’s ‘too social’ for a serious B2B marketing platform but the statistics seem to be proving otherwise.

Twitter can give your social media marketing strategy a much wider scope as you’re broadcasting to a huge potential audience. The aim of social media marketing is to reach as many people as possible so, if you’re not already using Twitter, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

This article, Twitter is Top for Generating B2B Marketing Leads, is based on an original article in Business2Community.