How B2B Marketers use Facebook Successfully

Ever wondered if there’s a secret ingredient to B2B marketing on Facebook? The answer is surprising.

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Facebook is not traditionally thought of as a strong B2B marketing channel as it’s primarily for consumer communications. But don’t forget that consumers are part of every business. Facebook has 900 million users so the chances are that your target audience is using Facebook.

Despite this, B2B marketers use Facebook less than B2C. We think that this is a mistake. It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running, Facebook should be treated as an extension of your existing communications. The more ways you get your message out there – the better!

‘Likes’ Matter but they are only the start.

Too many marketers get hung up on the number of ‘Likes’ on their page and forget about other important factors. You’re never going to generate more business if you study the number of ‘Like’s’ on your page and neglect to analyze other metrics like conversion and engagement.

However, it is vital to communicate with your audience about your company’s services and products – and this does start with your fans. So, here are some tips for B2B marketers on Facebook:

1. Build up a strong fan-base.

You can use tried and testing methods  like fan-gating content, where you tell visitors to ‘like’ your page in order to gain access to any of its content. Alternatively, you could try setting up an online contest to increase your audience.

2. Share interesting content.

Think about your target audience and share content that you think they would find useful and interesting. Remember that you can also shared videos and photos – these tend to lead to more engagement in your newsfeed and on your page

3. Capture leads.

Whenever possible, make sure you get contact details – whether this means asking visitors to download a whitepaper or fill out an online form.

4. Make it fun!

Maybe your company isn’t selling the most exciting product but this doesn’t mean that your posts and promotions should be dull and dry. Your audience will connect more with your company if they can relate to you. Try engaging in conversations rather than pushing your services or product all the time.

5. Use Facebook Ads.

With Facebook you can reach friends of fans. With Facebook ads, you can easily segment and target your audience to make sure your promotions will reach the right customer profiles.  

This article, How B2B Marketers use Facebook Successfully, was based on an original article in Social Media Examiner.

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  • Keren Pakes

    I totally agree!

  • my best shoes

    I think these are good tips and relevant but it still doesnt answer the B2B question well. You could say the same thing about television when you are talking about promoting to a large audience who also does biz and watches TV. Plus it is unlikly that a consumer will engage with a business for the sake of the buisiness let alone another business. Remember its SOCIAL.