Closing the Loop on Social Media Lead Generation: Part Two

Closing the Loop on Social Media Lead Generation: Part Two

oktopost-plus-salesforce-marketo.jpg This is the second installment of our blog series on ‘Closing the Loop’ on social media lead generation. Last week we discussed the importance of closed loop reporting. We explored why it’s not enough just to count the number of incoming leads; you need know who the leads are and if they will convert into paying customers. This week, we will show you how to set up closed loop reporting on the Oktopost platform.

What Oktopost’s Closed Loop Reporting Gives You

With Oktopost’s Closed Loop Reporting, it’s easy to track the progress of a lead every step of the way. This means that the moment a lead clicks on one of your social media posts, you can track him or her all the way through to the point of sale. This enables you to measure the ROI very accurately – as you will know the precise return that you’re getting on your investment.

What’s more, as Oktopost enables integration with top CRM platforms (like Marketo and*), you can get more information on your leads during the sales process. By syncing Oktopost with your CRM platform, you can find out details like the name, email address, company, and job title of every lead generated through social media. This will enable you to follow up on initial interest shown through social media and execute more targeted marketing campaigns.

Setting up Closed Loop Reporting on Oktopost

First of all you need to enable Oktopost to capture your leads. This can be done by following the three steps below:

  1. Map your web form fields to Oktopost. Oktopost enables the capture of the primary fields such as email, name, phone, country, and another five general fields of your choice. For example: you might want to capture information such as ‘job title’, ‘timeframe to purchase”, etc.
  2. Embed a Javascript code on all pages that contain forms.
  3. Embed a tracking pixel on conversion pages

Get more detailed information on setting up lead capture on Oktopost.

Once this has been set up, every lead generated from a social media campaign will be visible in the platform’s campaign analytics section. This means you can see precisely who your social media promotions are attracting. You can track these leads through to the point of sale by syncing Oktopost with your CRM platform.

Oktopost currently enables closed loop reporting through integration with two top CRM platforms: and Marketo. Integrations with more platforms will be available shortly.

Closed Loop Reporting with


All captured leads can be synced to  This creates a new ‘Activity’, which contains detailed information on where the lead originated from. This information includes the social media network the lead came from (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter), the social profile used to post the initial link, and the group or page it was posted on. If the contact or lead already exists in, the ‘Activity’ will be automatically attached to it. If not, a new lead is created.

Oktopost can also add the new contact or lead to a campaign. It enables you to define a campaign on the ‘Account’ level, which is where all the social media leads are added. Alternatively, you can link an Oktopost campaign to a campaign for more granular reporting in

Closed Loop Reporting with Marketo


There are six custom fields that you can add to Marketo in order to capture relevant social media data. These fields are: Oktopost Campaign, LinkedIn Group, Network, Profile, Time of Click, and Link to Oktopost Post.

When a new lead is captured on Oktopost, this information is synced to Marketo. This enables you to create an appropriate workflow or campaign based on the changing values of these fields.

We hope that you enjoyed our two-part blog series on ‘Closing the Loop on Social Media Lead Generation’.  Please refer to our helpdesk for more information.

*Oktopost currently offers integration with and Marketo. Integration with more CRM platforms will be available soon.