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37 Telltale Signs That You’re a True Marketer

How do you know you’re a marketer? If you just checked Twitter (twice) for brand mentions while reading this post, didn’t sleep well last night because your mind was racing with new blog ideas, and only watch the Super Bowl for the ads, then you’re in good marketing company!
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Travel the World with 9 B2B Marketing Teams

Have wanderlust? We do! To find a quick cure, we decided to take a virtual trip around the world with 9 incredible B2B marketing teams. What does a typical day look like for a marketer in India? What about South Africa or Australia?
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Employee Advocacy Policy: DO’s and DON’Ts

Employee advocacy may not be on every marketer’s agenda yet – but this doesn’t mean employees haven’t taken matters into their own hands. A study from Weber Shandwick actually found that 50% of the US workforce (about 60 million people) is already voluntarily posting, tweeting and commenting about their employer.

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6 Steps to Launching an Employee Advocacy Program

Whether they’re on a quest for friends, fans, or followers, organizations of all sizes spend anywhere from a sizable chunk to a small fortune on social networking.

While this mission is worthwhile for reaching current and future customers, there’s a big piece of the puzzle that many organizations are overlooking: employee advocacy.
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Target Prospect

Targeted Prospecting, B2B Marketing Style

Wishful thinking aside, content marketing is not a quick fix for lead generation. Just like any other B2B marketing strategy, it takes time to see results – even if you don’t have the luxury to wait for them.
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Your Social Media Tool is All Ears

Admit it. You’re probably not using your social media tool to do nearly as much listening as you should be. It’s worth mentioning that real-time social listening not only offers insight into the right tone of voice and format for your content marketing, but also helps identify the best distribution channels. As an added bonus, it’s also an excellent way to get an inside look at your competitors’ marketing strategies and business activities.

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Hear the Story of B2B Marketing Influencer Murray Newlands

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Murray Newlands, Founder of the B2B marketing agency Influence People. As the co-author of the book “How to Get PR for Your Startup,” we were particularly interested in Murray’s advice on how startups can develop and implement their B2Bmarketing and PR strategies, despite their limited budget and resources.
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Blast from the Past! 16 B2B Marketing Gurus Share Their Advice

We couldn’t build a time machine, so we did the next best thing! We chose 16 B2B marketing gurus we look up to, and asked them the following question:

“If you could give one piece of B2B marketing advice to your younger self, what would it be?”

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What is B2B Inbound Marketing?

“Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks: ‘Hey, I hope I get spammed today!’’” This was the opening line used by Trent Dyrsmid, Founder of Groove Digital Marketing, during an Oktopost webinar he hosted on the link between B2B inbound marketing and targeted outreach.

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4 Content Marketing Rules to Live By

As obvious as it may seem, as a content writer in the online advertising industry, I am more than fully aware of the importance of, you guessed it – content marketing. Content has been touted as king, queen, and every other kind royalty, and marketing departments are completely realigning their strategies to enhance the role of that it plays.

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