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4 Content Marketing Rules to Live By

As obvious as it may seem, as a content writer in the online advertising industry, I am more than fully aware of the importance of, you guessed it – content marketing. Content has been touted as king, queen, and every other kind royalty, and marketing departments are completely realigning their strategies to enhance the role of that it plays.

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Ian Brodie

Marketing Fluff, Step Aside: An Interview with Ian Brodie

We recently “virtually” sat down with Ian Brodie, the straight-talking marketing veteran who has no patience for fluff, and is known for his actionable advice. With decades of experience under his belt, he was chosen by for their “Social Business Dream Team,” and has also written an Amazon #1 bestseller!

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What Makes a B2B Marketing Hero?

Oktopost, as a company, is extremely focused on marketing. More specifically, as a B2B company, we make it a point to leverage digital channels to our advantage. We realize that many other B2B marketers have been reluctant to embrace these channels, particularly when it comes to social media.

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B2B Lead Nurturing for Dummies

It amazes me how little marketing and sales experts practice “the follow-up.” Clearly, leads are supposed to push themselves down the sales funnel all on their own, right? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that (very) rarely happens. To be a great marketer or sales person, you need to realize that leads need a little push, and it usually comes in the form of nurturing. Read on


5 Ways to Scale Your B2B Agency

What makes a great B2B agency?

Is it great people? Sure, that’s important.

Is it having a lot of clients? No question.

Is it producing great results? Obviously.

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Happy “Oktober” from all of us at Oktopost!

Summer is over and fall is here, which means it’s time to celebrate Oktober, the month of B2B social media marketing! This year, we wanted to bring the joy of Oktober to the entire B2B marketing world with a very special giveaway. It might even be better than Christmas!

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How Marketers Keep Personal Opinions Personal on Social Media

Maybe it’s because the world seems to be falling apart at the seams, or I am just noticing it more, but social media tends to be the main outlet for people to vent their personal opinions – political or otherwise. Usually, this is totally acceptable, even encouraged. However, what about people like us who use their social channels as a means to market their business?

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Should Your Employees Become Brand Ambassadors?

Should you ask employees to become brand ambassadors through their personal social media activity? Universally: No. Selectively: Yes.

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7 Foolproof Ways to Create Trust with Social Proof

Do you remember the last time you went to a movie, ate at a restaurant, or bought a new phone, without reading a review first? Me neither. Apparently, we’re not alone; it turns out 90% of customers say that buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.
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Interview with Jayson DeMers, Demystifier of All Things Marketing

Interview with Jayson DeMers, Demystifier of All Things Marketing

We recently had the chance to learn more abut Jayson DeMers, the influential marketer and SEO expert, who shared his thoughts on brand building, how to humanize content, and social listening. Jayson is the founder of AudienceBloom, and given his position as a contributor to Mashable, Forbes, Search Engine Journal, and VentureBeat, chances are you’ve come across at least one of his articles.
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