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Grow Your LinkedIn Connections in Just 5 Minutes a Day

The Oktopost blog has written about the incredible benefits of LinkedIn as a social network and the importance of a large network of connections. One of the easiest ways to stand out on LinkedIn is simply to be active. Nearly half of the site’s members spend two hours or fewer on the site each week.
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Interview: Matt Navarra from TheNextWeb

Recently, Oktopost had the great pleasure of sitting down with Matt Navarra, Community Director for the tech blog TheNextWeb. Matt walked us through what he does on a daily basis, as well as offering us best practices on how to maximize your social media presence.

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17 Great Tips for Boosting Website Engagement

Online businesses are eager to tell their brand narrative to any consumer that is willing to listen. Once a website has generated interest, companies want to continue to cultivate that relationship into action and ultimately convert the viewer into being a customer. While some actions are immediate (download, buy, or sign up), others many take more time, digestion and reflection.

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10 Examples of Great Content

10 Examples of Great Content Marketing

Content marketing is probably one of the most Googled terms for marketers, and with 93% of organizations doing everything they can to produce awesome content, it’s here to stay.

But how can you be sure that you’re getting it right? We’ve put together 10 pieces of content (in no particular order) to help you get inspired…

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To Automate, or Not to Automate: That is the Question

It has been talked about time and time again – the world of marketing has changed fundamentally in recent years. It is safe to say that if a marketer from the pre-internet era took a time machine to the present, he or she would have no idea what marketers are doing. Apart from not knowing what a computer is or how it is used, social media and digital marketing in general would be totally foreign to them.

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Barry Feldman Talks Content Marketing Strategy with Oktopost

Barry Feldman Talks Content Marketing Strategy

We recently had the opportunity to interview Barry Feldman, an industry leader when it comes to content marketing and social media. Apart from sharing his challenges and successes in the content marketing industry, Barry shared much of his valuable knowledge – which every online marketer can benefit from.

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Oktopost Sponsors Mashable Social Media Day Tel Aviv

We are all still glowing from the amazing event yesterday. Every year, Mashable encourages people all over the world to put on events to commemorate Social Media Day – a celebration of the digital revolution that is happening around us.

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Crash Course: LinkedIn Showcase Pages 101

Do you still miss the Products & Services tab? You’re not alone. LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages as a replacement several months ago, but it seems marketers haven’t taken advantage of this feature yet. Luckily for us, Viveka von Rosen, the founder of Linked Into Business, recently hosted an entire webinar devoted to the subject – The Anatomy of a Showcase Page. Before we jump into Viveka’s advice on mastering Showcase Pages, just a quick reminder that 93% of marketers rate LinkedIn as effective for generating leads, while 91% use it to distribute content.

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3 Additional Benefits of Content Curation

There is a paradigm shift that is happening, and it’s changing the way marketers carry out their daily responsibilities. The days of the Don Drapers are over, and we have moved on to the days of the Neil Patels, Jay Baers, Michael Brenners, and so on.

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Trent Dyrsmid Shares His Insights on Digital Marketing

Trent Dyrsmid Shares His Insights on Digital Marketing

Our latest interview for the Oktopost blog took place with author, entrepreneur, content marketing and marketing automation expert Trent Dyrsmid. It was great to hear insights from Trent – a thought leader who has built and sold a successful business (which he started from the kitchen table!) from the ground up, launched an incredible marketing agency, and started a popular blog where he frequently interviews the top marketers in the industry.
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